The Company

"Opou Gis" production company is purely Greek, was founded in 2014 and is based in Athens. It deals with the production, packaging and sale of exclusively vegan drinks.

In a place that meets all the standards of sanitary regulations, in Moschato - Attica, we create and innovate daily so that our products that reach the consumer's cup are of the best quality.

We have a branch in Thessaloniki to serve the regions of Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace and the Ionian Islands.

We strictly make sure that the raw materials we use are of the best quality, strictly vegan, are the result of fair trade and do not contain mutated ingredients (GMO free).
Always respecting the environment our drinks are packaged in ecological and biodegradable boxes. Innovation is our feature, with the recent production of the first chocolate drink without sugar and other sweeteners, which makes it ideal for children's drinks and for diabetics.

Our quality in the materials we use as well as the final products, were awarded with five gastronomy stars by Action in Greece and the Anthology of Greek Gastronomy.