Our Chocolates

Are made from a blend of cocoa varieties. The percentage for every classic chocolate is 35% and for bitter is 50%. Enriched with extracts of essential oils of fruits and nuts. For every drink the required quantity is 35gr and they are the lowest calorie chocolate drinks.

Classic Chocolates


35% cocoa content. It is also made with brown sugar and without sugar, with the sweetener maltitol.


48% cocoa content. It is also made with brown sugar and without sugar, with the sweetener maltitol.


The feeling of melted praline in its absolute form.

Hazelnut with nut pieces

Praline with chopped hazelnut pieces.


The drink that will bring to mind a chocolate that you bought as a child from the kiosk. With an amazing aroma of strawberry essential oils.

Bitter Strawberry
The taste of the strawberry that we all love in combination with the strong intensity of bitter chocolate will leave its aftertaste on the palate for a long time.

A velvet texture rich in aroma with butter caramel flavor. 

Caramel with Himalayan salt

Stronger intensities in chocolate and aroma due to the balanced addition of Himalayan salt.


Costa Rican banana oils will bring summer through winter. Rich in aromas and intensity.


Cocoa in full combination with peanut. Its name predisposes you to what you will taste.

Bitter Orange

The perfect combination of chocolate and distillate of orange essential oils.

70% cocoa, without sugar and other sweeteners.  Ideal for diabetics as well as for healthy baby drinks.

White Chocolates

Classic White

25% cocoa butter in combination with rice milk and silky texture. The first vegan white chocolate is a fact.

White Strawberry

Chocolate without strawberry flavor is not meant. Silky texture in the cup with rich taste and unique aroma.

White with Chios Mastic

A match that will leave the aftertaste of mastic on the palate for a long time.

White Banana

Costa Rica banana oil extracts  in white chocolate too.

New Product
Home Lemonade
From natural lemon extracts, lemon powder and sugar. No preservatives. The most refreshing pleasure of summer. Dissolve in water, mineral water or soda. Give a special note by adding a lemon peel and a measure of vodka.